Having fun and staying safe at the beach

Surf Life Saving offers many opportunities to its members and their families. Our Junior Activities program, or ‘Nippers’ is a great opportunity for families to become involved in surf lifesaving. More importantly however, Nippers teaches kids how they can keep themselves and their friends safe at the beach while having a heap of fun along the way.

Nippers enjoy activities in the following areas:


Our Surf Education program teaches Nippers everything there is to know about being a young surf lifesaver, starting with Surf Awareness and learning about rips through to being Surf Smart and learning the basics of rescue and resuscitation.

Surf Sports

Surf Sports exists to allow surf lifesavers to practice and test their skills against each other and to ensure that our patrolling lifesavers can maintain their fitness for patrols. Surf sports also allow our young surf lifesavers to have a lot of fun, but more importantly to develop their lifesaving skills such as board paddling and catching waves. And just like their older club mates, they are given the opportunity to compete against their friends in a fun, safe and friendly atmosphere.

Youth Development

While Nippers teaches everything there is to know about being a young surf lifesaver, we also focus our efforts to teach our members the importance of being a team player and improving their self confidence. It is very important to Surf Life Saving to have young members who are leaders and play fairly, after all, it is these very members who may become a Patrol Captain at the young age of 17.

Protective Behaviours

With society changing and becoming more and more dangerous, our children need to be aware of the potential dangers facing them. Our Protective Behaviours content teaches kids about the importance of knowing how to contact their network of family and friends, how to handle an uncomfortable situation, right through to good touch, bad touch”. “With the support of Protective Behaviours Australia, we hope that teaching our kids what they need to know in this area that it will help them to keep themselves safe and promote a safe environment for clubs.


Our catch cry has been for a long time “not just creating great surf lifesavers, but creating great Australians”. While the values of community service and understanding our history are ingrained in surf lifesaving culture, we make an effort to begin this learning process from the very beginning to ensure that our members really understand what it means to be a surf lifesaver.


Surf Life Saving has always understood the importance of having fun, and so Nippers do not miss out on this. When running our programs we put time aside to allow the kids to much around and play games.

Social Interaction

And just like having fun, we also understand how important the social aspect of surf lifesaving is to our members.

To learn more about what Nippers has to offer you and your children then please contact your local surf life saving club.